Jamin’ Leather

Established 1979 – Our first mail order leather catalog was a limited production release throughout the region in the fall of 1979. Jamin’ Jamie concentrated on retail establishments until the fall of 1992. JAMIN’ LEATHER began to reach out to the nation with their first full color 1993 edition leather catalog. The catalog was featured, among other places, in “The BEST CATALOGS IN THE WORLD”. Since then JaminLeather.com has printed over 2 Million copies in circulation to date. Printed editions are released only 2 to 4 times a year, this is why JAMIN’ LEATHER CATALOG jumped onto the net, so users such as yourself, can keep on top of the latest exciting new products available today. Many of the products offered here may never show up in printed editions. THE WORLD WIDE WEB The FIRST and LARGEST and undisputed! We first logged onto the net in the summer of 1995. Within 4 weeks we were receiving over 100,000 hits a week. Since then, much, much, much more! Our affiliated websites include our very first online catalog website www.LeatherCat.com (est. 1995), followed by www.LeatherCatalog.net www.JaminLeather.com (est. 1996), www.JamminLeather.com www.Leather1.com (est. 1997), www.ALeatherCatalog.com (est. 2000), www.MotorcycleMaxLeathers.com (est. 2000), www.JaminLeather.net www.leatherdeals.com (est. 1997), then the web’s best Myrtle Beach Bike Week resource with comprehensive events listing for MB area www.MyrtleBeachBikeRallies.com www.BikeWeekWelcomeCenter.com (est. 2000), www.NakedBikerNews.com (est. 2009). CATALOG ON CD-ROM Jamin’ Leather was on CD-Rom for some years. It is a complete off-line replica of our online catalog which you can order and shop. The CD-Rom on the right was the first edition. Thousands of these CD’s were distributed throughout the states. We produced one for every edition of our catalog since that time until 2008. REALITY TV SHOW Jamin’ Leather in 2007 produced a one of a kind REALITY TV SHOW called “Mr. Jamin’ Town” featuring Jamin’ Jamie and the antics that go on around the Myrtle Beach Bike Rallies and what Jamin’ Leather does to get ready. In 2009 Jamin’ Leather changed the name of the TV Show to “Leather Beach”. Jamin’ Leather produced 4 episodes that aired in the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Charlotte/Raleigh NC area. Late in 2009 the TV show was shelved for future consideration. Many portions of the Mr Jamin’ Town and Leather Beach can be seen on YouTube by searching Jamin’ Leather, Mr Jamin’ Town and Leather Beach TV Show. MOBILE APP In 2012 Jamin’ Leather went mobile with their own Mobile App that connects Jamin’ Leather customers with it’s website, retail store, directions, events pages when the rallies come around as well as a Virtual Store, a 360 degree view of inside and outside the Myrtle Beach Superstore location. Download your Jamin’ Leather Mobile App for FREE for your iPhone. The OFFICIAL BEACH EVENT GUIDE Jamin’ Leather as sponsored the production and distribution of the Myrtle Beach Bike Week Events Guide. This guide is printed and published twice a year for the motorcycle rally that comes to the beach every year, complete with a full map of the Grand Strand so visitors know exactly where to shop or hang! We print between 35,000 and 50,000 copies each and every issue – Visit www.MyrtleBeachRallies.com for complete information on the rally and the guide. See all the fun you may have missed at Jamin’ Leather and all around Myrtle Beach. JAMIN’ LEATHER CATALOGS Subscribe now to get a copy of your world famous Jamin’ Leather Discount Catalog and keep informed with once a week emails to keep you informed about what’s new in leather, the first to get our discounts and coupons as well as upcoming information about the Spring and Fall bike rallies coming to Myrtle Beach.

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