Christie Cookie Co.

While Music City sleeps through early morning hours, we cross the doorframe to our own little piece of Nashville authenticity – the Christie Cookie bakery. Each batch is handcrafted by folks who understand the importance of originality. The scent of real butter baking in our warm ovens is unmistakable. We’ve held fast to the integrity of gourmet ingredients, refusing to sacrifice quality in lieu of shortcuts or artificial substitutes. To some, we’re a time-honored holiday tradition. For others, the creators of the DoubleTree cookie. We simply like to think of ourselves as uniquely Nashville. Men and women committed to making a mouthwatering cookie fit for your kitchen table, as well as our own. For 30 years and counting, your devotion to Christie Cookie has made us one of America’s favorite front door deliveries, and for that, we step out from behind our flour-coated table, offering a firm southern handshake, a grateful smile and sincere thank you.

Category: Food, Cookies, Treats